Puisi Cinta Bahasa Inggris Terbaru 2017

Puisi Cinta Bahasa Inggris dan artinya terbaru yang sangat menyentuh hati, secara umum puisi cinta ini adalah inspirasi dan suasana hati dari pengalaman pribadi seorang seniman puisi tersebut dan bisa juga dari pengalaman orang orang terdekatnya. yang cepat tertanam di benak sang penulis puisi cinta tersebut

kita dilahirkan selain di kasih raga yang utuh dan sempurna kita juga di kasih sesuatu yng paling berharga yaitu perasaan cinta. cinta bukan hanya sama lawan jenis kita saja akan tetapi ada banyak hal yang mengandung unsur cinta, seperti cinta kepada kedua orang tua dan cinta kepada sahabat terdekat anda.

unsur cinta yang menjadi pamungkas adalah cinta terhadap Yang Maha Kuasa niscaya jika semua itu di miliki sepenuhnya oleh anda maka anda akan hidup indah dan merasa bahagia. yok kita simak aja langsung puisi cinta bahasa inggris :
puisi cinta bahasa inggris

***One for Love ***

Still in a state like yesterday
still in silence without greeting
still in silence without hope

Hear the wind that came with longing,
Why are you silent?
Why are they silent?
Listen once again,
I whispered to the moon,

moonlight, whisper to him, there is only one love dihtiku,
regards the spirit,


presence changed my life ..
Opening the eyes of the heart that have long been blind ..
Blind to the beauty of love ..
And blind to the sweetness of the beloved ..

yourself in the story changed everything ..
Teach me wiser ..
Better understand the meaning of love ..
And more sensitive * with any sense ..

You're the one who is always there when I was happy ..
Since being with you is the source of happiness ..
Like springs which continues to flow ..
Together we unggahkan millions guess that was created a long time ..

Thank you for my life explained that the original dark ..

Now ..
Under the blue sky I swear ..
Loving you is the most beautiful thing ..
See you later love his look after this ..
Until his death reminded me of this story ..

***TRUE LOVE ***

Love ..
Can careful interpreting dreams
Running around chasing a memory
Tying braided holy love
Burning meaningful life

Love ..
Dream toys only night passed away
When dawn stalling reality
Menghurai meaning hearts in rooms
Accompany yourself crying lonely

Love ..
Bond of love which for so long
fade in eating age
Cold obvious love
Myself backrest when his grief
Because you play the word
Pick me crawl into the real world
Know the terms of a latent love

*** Always Feeling Empty ***

I miss you even though you’re here
I can hear your voice loud and clear
But I know you’re about to leave again
Cause that’s the way it’s always been

I talk to you as if you never leave
I build my dreams out of pure belief
I walk the streets looking for a sign
For someone to say I’ll soon be fine

There’s always a feeling of emptiness
That always leaves me so breathless
It takes over the moment you go
And it takes a while to release and let go

But then you’re back once again
And I praise the lord, I say Amen
But deep inside I know it’s temporary
And that’s a burden that I have to carry

You realize you mean the world to me
And I make it look like it’s so easy
I do it all so you won’t feel my pain
But all the pressure is driving me insane

We’re stuck at a crossroad for years now
And the scene won’t end until we take a bow
But who has the courage to initiate
Is a whole new chapter that has to wait.

semoga dengan Puisi Cinta Bahasa Inggris ini bisa meng inspirasi anda agar anda lebih pintar dalam pembuatan puisi di segala tema puisi, baik puisi sahabat sejati atau yang lainya, terimakasih